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Individual Coaching

Coaching means assistance to realise your personal goals. When moving to a foreign country those goals can be very diverse. In contrast to psychotherapy, the issue of personal suffering is not the major motivation for change, but rather the desire for personal growth.

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Coaching of couples

Intimate relationships belong in the most complex category of human interaction; these are challenging for all participants, whether it be on a communicative, sexual, or emotional level. Those challenges can become especially acute when moving together to a foreign country, or with couples from different cultural backgrounds. Different mind-sets about interpersonal contact or the integration into a new culture can lead the couple into a crisis. Get in touch with me if you want to grow together with your partner, or if you want to work on unresolved conflicts. I am happy to search with you for possible solutions and new adventures in your relationship.


Moving abroad can be connected to emotional strains through an additional amount of stress and anxiety that arises from unknown circumstances. Transactional Analysis offers many approaches to aid the client in self-improvement and in the development of thoughts and behaviours which can lead to a reduction in this strain. To me, psychotherapy particularly means the start of an inner journey, to get to know yourself better, and to transform suffering into the power to change.

To avoid misunderstandings, the first contact and the first session serve to clarify if I am, all in all, the right counterpart for you. In certain cases, it might be necessary to recommend that you consult a psychiatrist or neurologist, or if there is any suspicion of a physical disease, to consult your general practitioner.

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