Methods How I work and which methods I use

Transactional Analysis

A central focus of my work is the use of Transactional Analysis (TA). TA is an extensive psychotherapeutic and counselling method. In TA theory, a person is viewed not as a victim of their genes and past experiences, but rather as a self-determined being, defined by their ability to think. According to this, as an overarching goal, TA tries to maximise the autonomy of the individual. This is achieved through raising consciousness, spontaneity, and the capacity for intimacy.

We humans are often trapped in a state in which we typically repeat the unconscious patterns of our childhood. In TA terms this is called the life script. Through TA we can be made aware of those patterns which can then be verified in everyday life.

TA assumes, that humans have three distinctive ego states: the parent-state, adult-state and the child-state. To be a fully functional individual we need all of the three states. TA encourages us to identify destructive patterns in the usage of ego-states, and to learn different ways to use them.

Strengthening the adult-state, and an improvement in the degree of self-sufficiency are further goals. In TA the relationship between the counsellor and the client is defined on the basis of verifiable goals and agreements. Complex issues are communicated in a language that everybody can understand. Herein the approach of TA becomes obvious: that people in general see one another on an equal level. TA tries to communicate this basic attitude, which can expressed with the phrase I'm OK, you're OK.

Beside Transactional Analysis I also utilise concepts and ideas from behavioural and systemic therapy, non-violent communication, and mindfulness in my work.